*SCOUT-VK* Echolink Conference Server

We invite members of Scouting with an amateur radio licence, of any age, to connect with other Scouts across the country (and indeed world) in a different way via the *SCOUT-VK* Echolink conference server.

Echolink is an online platform allowing licenced amateur operators to communicate with each other without the need for a particular radio or access to any particular radio network. Using a phone or tablet app, or computer client, you can talk to other operators and connect to repeaters and conference servers across the world. Check out our Echolink Tutorial to find out more about how to use Echolink.

Scout Radio Victoria established the *SCOUT-VK* conference server in 2020 and we are very happy to throw it open to you – any member of Scouting with an amateur licence!

This website allows you to book in a timeslot for a net and to view a list of upcoming nets.

Feel free to jump onto the conference server at any time, particularly during any of the nets listed on the timetable page.

If you have queries you can get in touch with our team via echolink@vkjotijota.com.